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weather in san juan del sur

The weather in San Juan del Sur is one of the main attractions. While the rest of the country is roasting under the hot tropical sun, San Juan del Sur enjoys a consistent cool breeze that blows between Lake Nicaragua and the Pacific Ocean. While the town has mostly sunny days, the wind brings in refreshing cool air along with clouds that make for stunning sunsets.

Sunset near San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua
Sunset over Yankee beach near San Juan Del Sur

There is a stark contrast between the dry and wet seasons. In the dry season expect hot and dry weather without much rain at all. The dry season falls between December and April and is the most popular time for tourism. April tends to be the hottest time of year, while December through February have the mildest conditions.

The rainy season typically runs from mid May through November, with the most rain falling in May and October. During this time of year it will typically rain for an hour or two per day and the landscape becomes a beautiful vibrant green. This is also the time of year with the biggest waves for surfing as swells move in from the south. During the wet season one should expect many dirt roads to require four-wheel drive or become impassable.

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beautiful Nicaraguan sunset
More beautiful clouds over Yankee beach