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Cantamar del Yankee

Cantamar del Yankee is a private rural development situated south of San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua. The development is composed mostly of raw land that has been subdivided into usable lots, many with stunning ocean views or natural beauty. The development boasts a secure front gate and 24 hour security presence. There is private beach access as well as beach security. Each lot has connections for water and power, with access provided within the development by collectively maintained roads.

Cantamar del Yankee is about twenty minutes drive from San Juan Del Sur on a newly paved road. The area is surrounded by both undeveloped land and preserved green-space as well some local farms and private ranches. The area is host to a largely pristine coastline and many world-class surf breaks. The lots at Cantamar del Yankee are in an ideal location for people seeking a remote coastal setting while still having easy access to all of the amenities available in San Juan del Sur.

Scroll down to view photos of the private beach, roads within the development, and a map of the location.


A image of the site developemtn plan for Cantamar del Yankee, Nicaragua
An overview of the Cantamar Del Yankee Development Plan- View the PDF for more detail

Map of Cantamar Del Yankee

View Larger Map

Here are some photos from around the development:

Yankee beach with waves and surfboards
The private entrance to Yankee beach with parking and security
Yankee beach at low tide
Yankee Beach at low tide, facing south
Smooth dirt road rolling through Cantamar del Yankee
Graded and compacted dirt road within the Cantamar del Yankee development
paving stones on a steep section of road in Cantamar del yankee
The steepest sections of road within the development are improved with paving stones
ocean view from a dirt road in Cantamar del Yankee
Most of the roads in the development reveal stunning views

Lots for sale:

Cantamar Lot D-8

Cantamar Lot D-5

Cantamar Lot D-4